Faux plants that are so lifelike you won't even know that they're fakes. The best quality artificial plants and flowers.

Faux is the new Black

I think we have all been there to some degree (right?!) or maybe it’s just me… But how do you keep these miraculous,  green creatures alive? People have said it before, but I am here to make sure that it is never said again… “plant-killer” Duh Duh Duuuuhh *scary music*

I wanted plants in my home so that I could:

  1. Feel like an adult

  2. Purify the air

  3. Bring my space to life

When I envisioned a home full of plants I envisioned lush, floor to ceiling greenery as far as the eye can see, not dry, wilted, brown leaves crumbling onto my carpet. So what is going on? Have I put them in the wrong place, do they have too much sun? Not enough sun? Am i watering too regularly or not enough? HELP!

Plants that you can practically stay away from and they will SURVIVE! Perfect for even the most serial plant killers. 

Tell us how, you say.

Faux plants. Yup, Artificial lifelike plants.

Now, we're not saying that Faux plants are better than the real deal, they're not! We're just sick and tired of killing our indoor plants and we want our place to look junglicious without all the work and hassle.

Ok, so there are 2 types of Faux plants. The bad ones from those department stores that look like shiny oily plastic (ends with -Art), and there are the ones that you have to touch to realise that they are fake, and then your'e still not convinced that they're fake. Plants that resemble their natural similitude. ... but with less maintenance, and longer life.

No need to worry about watering, removal of dull leaves, using fertilizers, exposure to sunlight and other materials.

More time to sort out your sock draw.

Happy planting!