Are You a Plant-Killer?

Are You a Plant-Killer?

I think we have all been there to some degree (right?!) or maybe it’s just me… But how do you keep these miraculous,  green creatures alive? People have said it before, but I am here to make sure that it is never said again… “plant-killer” Duh Duh Duuuuhh *scary music*

I wanted plants in my home so that I could:

  1. Feel like an adult

  2. Purify the air

  3. Bring my space to life

When I envisioned a home full of plants I envisioned lush, floor to ceiling greenery as far as the eye can see, not dry, wilted, brown leaves crumbling onto my carpet. So what is going on? Have I put them in the wrong place, do they have too much sun? Not enough sun? Am i watering too regularly or not enough? HELP!

Never fear, there is a solution and that solution is… beautiful plants that you can practically stay away from and they will SURVIVE! Perfect for even the most serial plant killers.
A Succulent
Succulents are very affordable and come in many different varieties to suit you style! They are a remarkably independent plant and are perfectly happy being left alone to enjoy the sun. Give them a water once every couple of weeks, and you have yourself a LIVING plant.
Snake Plant
Also known as mother in law’s tongue - weird. This plant is fantastic for air purification, adds a height element to your space and did I mention, it’s hard to kill! The Snake Plant is an indoor plant that needs water every 2-6 weeks. Easy!

ZZ Plant
These plants are more chilled out than a millennial on annual leave. They can grow up to 3-4 feet and 3-4 feet wide so this beauty will be an amazing feature in your home.  With it’s beautiful dark green foliage it is beautiful to look at and only needs water once a month. Ignore this plant and it shall love you!

    I hope that these plants have given you some good inspiration. I would give you more examples but you know, slow and steady. Anyway… happy adulting!

    Written by Steph Johnston (ex Plant Killer, full time Digital Manager)