Celebrating Community: SisterWorks

Celebrating Community: SisterWorks

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Coretta Scott King

Our idea of happiness is feeling connected and playing a part in the betterment of our beautifully diverse community (and it just makes us feel warm and fuzzy). We have partnered with an innovative not-for-profit social enterprise called SisterWorks.

SisterWorks plays an integral role in our community by supporting women with migrant, asylum seeker or refugee backgrounds to become financially independent, while also helping them to become happily settled in Australia.

They provide women with valuable tools and support that they need to start their own businesses - selling handcrafted goods they make themselves out of recycled and ethically produced materials.

One of the key outcomes of their programs is to encourage connectivity – helping these women build networks within their community so they feel empowered to follow their dreams.

In only four years of operation, more than 88 women have been involved in SisterWorks, the majority of whom had never worked before, and lacked knowledge about Australian business. The enterprise has helped these women to reduce their dependence on welfare and become entrepreneurs in their own right.

Today, 37 women from all corners of the globe, from Congo to Syria, Tibet and Pakistan, are proudly creating and selling the products they love to make. They also help each other improve language skills –some even teaching each other how to drive.

At our Hawthorn East showroom, you can purchase an eclectic range of organic jams and pastes, candles, bath salts and crafts hand made by these talented women. They make beautiful and thoughtful gifts with a story.

We are also excited to provide skills training to these amazing women in areas such as social media, retail operations, visual merchandising, and retail operations. Being able to contribute at this level allows us to directly make a difference to these women’s lives.

For more information, visit https://sisterworks.org.au/