eclectic home decor and furniture pieces from around the world

The Modern Eclectic

It's contemporary… but with a twist of industrial. It has elements of mid century, but the essence is totally boho chic. Forget it - Leave your labels at the door. The “latest look” is exactly what you want it to be.

We believe every person is unique, and we want to help you to find your unique style with our eclectic range of home decor.

Our approach to the product range you’ll find at Zoobibi is just the same: A reflection of the places we’ve been and the experiences we have had, each as sacred and unique as the other. We believe the home is where we are free to express these experiences, and where we can bring all parts of ourselves together - with no labels required.

Explore shapes and patterns inspired by our travels, colours that pop, and finishes that make the room uniquely yours. We’re calling it ‘The Modern Eclectic’, but you can call it what you want - It’s entirely yours to explore and create.