Meet Zoobibi

Meet Zoobibi

Zoobibi began as a dream to bring together the soul-soaring feelings of travel and adventure into our daily lives. We sought to create a brand that brought joy, stories and intrigue into the everyday. A brand that stimulates all the sense in the same way that travel stimulates ours.

Surrounded by the beauty of Asian artisans and Middle Eastern Marketplaces, we developed the Zoobibi brand to celebrate your uniqueness - no one person is alike - we want you to create a personal space that is uniquely you.

Searching the globe for over 18 months, we sought out treasures that would reflect the Zoobibi ethos, and bring adventure to every home.  We laughed, told stories and connected with our suppliers, many of which are family run factories in remote locations across the globe. Every product story adds to the essence of the Zoobibi brand.

We are committed to making the Zoobibi experience available to all walks of life, which is why our prices are affordable and our curation is eclectic. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer - you just have to connect with yourself and discover items that make you smile. We delight in watching you explore your own style, and show us how you put together your dream space. Every room can become a place where you find peace and tranquillity, or inspiration and wonder.

Our vision materialised when we found a unique space in Hawthorn East, Melbourne. We completely stripped back the building to bring out the old bones, and then embarked on a long six month build to bring the vision to life. For the tangible element of the Zoobibi experience, we wanted to deliver a truly unique experience with the theatre and drama from the retail of yesteryear. When you step into the showroom we want to transport you to an exotic destination. Moorish inspired archways lead into each space, bursting with colours, a home kitchen in the heart of the showroom anchored by courtyard with a water fountain in the middle, a place for our customers to unwind, eat, dwell, and escape. This is all part of the adventure.

Welcome to Zoobibi. We hope that our vision of eclectic homewares and adventurous finds bring beauty and joy to your home and your family.