Earthy tones, natural materials

Modern Mediterranean Style

Zoobibi take inspiration from Modern Mediterranean Style - a blend of contemporary design elements and traditional Mediterranean aesthetics. This style can be recognized by its use of clean lines, natural materials, and bold colours.

If you're thinking about introducing some of these elements into your home, here are some common features of modern Mediterranean style:
1. Earthy hues: The color palette of modern Mediterranean style includes warm, earthy tones like beige, tan, terracotta, and olive green.
2. Natural materials: Reflecting the natural environment, this style often features natural materials such as stone, brick, terracotta tiles, and wood.
3. Ornate accents: Mediterranean style is known for its ornate detailing, from intricate wrought-iron balustrades to decorative tiles.
4. Open spaces: Modern Mediterranean design includes open plan living areas that flow easily from one space to the next.
5. Natural lighting: Large windows and skylights are used to bring natural light into the home, creating an airy and warm ambiance.
6. Water features: Fountains and water features are often incorporated into modern Mediterranean design, adding a soothing and calming element to the space.
7. Bold textiles: Mediterranean style often features bold and colorful textiles, including patterned rugs, throws, and cushions.
8. Rustic accents: To give a rustic, lived-in feel, incorporate terracotta urns, handcrafted ceramics, and woven baskets in your decor.
Overall, modern Mediterranean style celebrates the beauty and warmth of coastal living, while incorporating a contemporary twist.
Peace, Love & Zoobibi Xx