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ZOOBIBI takes inspiration from our travels to exotic places around the world. Bringing elements from some of our favourite places - Bali, Santorini, Marrakech, Beirut 8 Damascus - back to Melbourne. We wanted to create a where people could escape and be transported to another world. An oasis in middle of the City.




Our kitchen takes inspiration from both our heritage and our travels. Authentic mezze style sharing plates made with fresh seasonal ingredients. Dine in our serene light filled indoor courtyard inspired by the Riads of Marrakesh. Moorish arches, water fountain, mosaic tiles and palm trees will transport you to another world - our world.




Zoobibi is about celebrating the beauty of culture and diversity in our community. A safe space to have a conversation while eating good food. We want to contribute to the betterment of our community - so we work closely with community groups that reflect our values.




ZOOBI is my family name. And the "BIBI" part comes from the Arabic word "HABIBI", which means love. Zoobibi comes from a place of love and authenticity.


ZOOBIBI is about Peace, Love & Happiness.