Cleansing Shave Foam by Hunter Lab


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The first step to smooth skin when shaving is the appropriate tools. Cheap, synthetic shaving creams and gels fail to properly soften the hair and skin, creating issues before the razor has even touched your face. To avoid severely irritated skin, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs; the right lubrication is essential

Introducing the latest super natural shaving tool to the Hunter Lab armoury

The act of shaving is an important yet difficult task to master. For each modern man the experience is unique

Hunter Lab’s Cleansing Shave Foam. The essential grooming product for your shaving ritual. This high quality natural shaving foam protects, lubricates and nourishes; becoming a fundamental step in your skincare routine. On top of prepping the skin for a close shave, it also acts as an exfoliant, clearing away built up dead skin and helping to soften any sensitive areas

The foam is crafted using Quandong, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed Extracts. These native botanicals are all rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins to nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate the skin whilst also neutralising free radicals that cause damage at a molecular level.  It includes Tazman Pepper, Trehalose and natural vegetable Glycerine which all intensely soak and hydrate, helping to minimise razor burn and give relief post-shave

Non Aerosol

Your typical aerosol can contains mineral oil. Instead of providing the skin with nutrients like other oils, mineral oil seals the skin off, inhibiting it from releasing toxins. Mineral oil has also been found to cause premature ageing. Aerosol cans also contain pressurised gas, which affect their ability to substantially lubricate the skin

Our non-aerosol foaming pump produces a luxurious foam lather which spreads easily and effectively, helping to soften facial hair and skin naturally without the need for artificial propellents


Tazman Pepper

An extract from Tasmanian Pepper, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant that reduces redness to soothe the skin, and protects from free radicals


Capable of high water retention Trehalose helps the cells stay hydrated, instead of going through the damaging dehydration/rehydration cycle

Vegetable Glycerin

Helps hydrate your skin by attracting and retaining moisture whilst also increasing the absorption of other active ingredients


The masculine scent is a combination of Hunter Lab’s signature rum-essence and citrus essential oils, combined with invigorating Siberian Fir oil, which also has important anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties

The result is a close, smooth shave and soft, nourished skin

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