Large Woven Planter - Natural/White


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  • Material: 85% straw 10% wood5% iron
  • Size: L:20x20x19 / M:16x16x16 / S:12x12x13cm
They make a splash of natural splendour-natural in colour, material and the age-old weave that has survived centuries of civilization-the basket weave comes to the fore of this gorgeously patterned design in three varied size baskets that are functional pot holders. Raised on tiny round legs that gives them more sturdiness sand balance.

The three make quite a team-their natural fibre golden beige in colour and washed in white that helps highlight the beauty of the basket weave. A skill and craft that has sustained despite all around modern style of décor-there is such joy in seeing the sane craft given whole new hue in design and used so prominently in homes, the rattan weave is durable and retains its shape and the stands with rounded peg like legs will help keep the plants elevated from the ground thus offering them visual leverage as well. The tubs are of varied sizes which helps create a more interesting display. The muted natural shade will help blend in the look with all kind of décor palettes and themes. Make up a green corner or place them at various levels to give a layering and see how utterly charming the sea grass planters will make your greens and foliar look! In fact, the Woven Footed tubs area great means to give your plant collection a whole new dimension of displayable beauty.
  • Hand made
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