NIRRANGI CANVAS ART PRINT - 90 x 120cm (Save 20% Off)


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ARTIST -  Amanda Hinkelmann

ARTWORK - Nirrangi (Very small, Insignificant)


This piece explores the complexity of human life on this earth, inspired by a key-note presentation by author and journalist, Julia Baird, in which she spoke of the importance of finding awe and wonder in the insignificant, everyday goings on around us. Things that I consciously look for and try to embrace each day. She also spoke about how wonderful it is, sometimes, to be ‘small’, to feel small, and in fact how important this feeling sometimes is. I sat with that.

We often try to be big, powerful, seen. But true human connection, true vulnerability and the recognition of our life within this world, can often be noticed the most when we are, in fact, small. This is represented in the concentric circles in this piece. The smallest of stones dropped within the ocean or the mighty river can often have the biggest impact. Because sometimes it’s important to feel, well, small.

Born on Wiradjuri Land in Wagga Wagga, Amanda is an exceptionally passionate and talented Aboriginal artist who has been creating breathtaking original artworks from her studio under the moniker ‘Because of my Four’ for many years now. Amanda’s artworks share stories of resilience, strength, and the power of women. She draws inspiration from her hometown of Wagga Wagga, her family, and the Dreamtime - displaying Aboriginal culture and storytelling in her own contemporary Aboriginal art style, developed through impatience, intuition, and an innate desire to create at all costs

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