Medium woven Basket Rope Handle - Natural


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  • Material: Straw, Cotton, Rope
  • Size: L: 39x28x33.5 / M: 34x28x25.5 / S: 25x20x23cm
Soft and pliable straw made baskets are great mean to ease out the difficulties you face in keeping your home and spaces well organized and basket because of their versatility, light weight quality and great looks blend into the home scene very well - be it for laundry, books or toys - the versatility of baskets always helps leverage your organizational goals.

They are made of high - quality straw that has been finely woven into sturdy baskets that each have been given the same shape and are differently sized so as to allow you their usage in different spaces. The three baskets have handles that are created from white cotton that adds to the striking terms of material usage. The bucket shaped basket are wide mouthed and thus would be great for laundry and blankets or larger articles that need more space to be placed inside the baskets. The three baskets are sized in such a way that they will fit one inside the other while not in use. A great means to add a charming country vibe to your rooms as well, they will hold all kinds of articles that otherwise create clutter around your home. The trendy yet traditional look is fine for all kinds of homes and spaces. Made in a way to hold ample number of things - it's bound to ease your organizational woes.

  • Hand made
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