Hemani Rattan Planter in Natural - D32cm


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Using plants to bring the beauty of nature to any space is a fine way of inviting a rush of summery freshness and if the planters come designed with such a delightful look - sturdy, well balanced and usable anywhere, you could be looking at a versatile option. Make this tall and elegant looking planter part of your entryway or in your balcony or the living room, and help bring the best possible display your plants deserve.

Made from rattan, with a curving large top to hold the pot of your choice and slender curving legs that provide ample balance. The natural colour of the material adds to its organic kind of charm, the kind sure to blend in rather well with all kinds of interiors. For those plants that have exquisite foliage and should be showed off in the best possible way, you should use tall planters that give a certain amount of height to them thus helping show off the beauty of the foliage better. Could be a great way of building in a backdrop with broad leaved palms for that lovely tropical lush. 

Measurements: D32 x 70cm

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