S/3 Woven Tubs in Natural Wash


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  • Material: 95% straw 5% iron
  • Size: L:16x13x13 / M:14x11x11 / S:12x9x9cm
Whether it is the expert weaving or the stunning natural colour of the straw that will steal your attention, there are too many positives that make this set of uber cool and very chic look country feel tubs - made to last, they come in a lovely natural fibre colour and have been finished with a perfect look of experts handweaving that has been further strengthened with the presence of iron in its frame.


Tubs for storage are great for so many reasons. Firstly, the depth they have makes them suitable as much for storing blankets for the baby as it does for keeping your washed linen. They are as col for storing your children's toys as they are for making sure your fresh greens look reverting attractive as they keep themselves looking like fresh farm produce in the kitchen. Basket weaving is an ancient art and craft that has been given whole new modern utility through designs in baskets much like the ones on offer.


The iron grid that adds to their stability thus make them truly sturdy and very stable as they sit there on their round base. The three baskets would nest inside one another when not in use.


The largest one is about 16 cm in depth while the medium is all of 14 cm while the smallest is all of 12 cm. Each comes with varying diameters to make them compact yet sufficiently large for keeping clothing, stationery and all kinds of tiny toys in the children's room especially. Superb natural straw finish lends a fresh farm and country appeal to the spaces around with their simple presence.

  • Hand made
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