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Food: The Universal Symbol of Love

"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him - the people who give you their food give you their heart."
Cesar Chavez

Nothing unites people all over the world quite like food. Despite different climates, religions and diets, communities across the globe all unite together to cook and to feast, and pass these recipes and traditions down through generations.

One of our favourite parts of travel is the thrill of new dining experiences. Sometimes the best food is found in unexpected places - incredible street food in Hong Kong, hole in the wall diners in New York City, or being invited into the home of an Italian family and experiencing five courses of love, spices and grappa. In our quest for beautiful homewares and unique decor, we’ve been humbled by our inclusion to tea ceremonies, family feasts and simple peaceful moments bonding over a cup of coffee. Food truly is the heart of any community.

In Hawthorn, we’ve made food the heart of our showroom too. Working with our kitchen manager, we’re continually developing a tasty new menu inspired by flavours across the globe. We welcome all our friends to take their time: Choose your snack, meal or drink, browse our selection of curated magazines and books, then find the perfect spot to enjoy both.

We’ll be keeping our menu as fresh as our produce, which you can keep up on via Instagram (@zoobibi_kitchen), so you know every moment at Zoobibi is as unique as the last.