Redecker Leather Fly Swat


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Handcrafted in Germany, this Redecker Leather Flyswatter is an effective way to keep pesky flies and bugs at bay! Constructed from quality sustainable oiled beech wood and hand finished perforated leather that quickly swings through the air. A handy leather loop allows for easy storage.


‐ 100% natural

‐ 100% biodegradable

‐ Untreated beechwood handle

‐ Leather fly swat and strap

‐ Expertly crafted in Germany

‐ 51cm


The Redecker Way

What makes a Redecker product so special?

Redecker products are not only beautiful, they are also practical. Redecker always make sure to choose natural, renewable resources when they select their materials. Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by every Redecker family member and employee before it even makes it into their catalogue. Redecker firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.

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