Panier des Sens Marseille Liquid Soap Eco Refill Orange Blossom


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Made from 100% vegetal oils, Panier des Sens Orange Blossom Liquid Soap is made in cauldrons following the purest Marseille tradition. It preserves the skin's natural balance thanks to its formula rich in mineral oils. Ecological and economical, the refill gives a second life to your bottles and reduces household waste.


A sparkling, tangy floral fragrance with orange blossom absolute. After a vegetal start of "petit grain", a joyful and addictive orange blossom fragrance emerges, revealing sunny and generous heart notes. Gathered at the beginning of spring, orange blossom spreads a unique sunny and enchanting trail. Its citrus freshness reflects the Mediterranean brightness, a true ode to the light and lightness.

Vegan Made in France. 500ml

Key Ingredients 

OLIVE OIL Known since antiquity for its regenerating and moisturising properties, its benefits are large and perfectly adapted to the needs of dry skin. Olive oil has antioxidant properties that help fight aging skin. The vitamin E, which fights the formation of free radicals, delays cell aging. Its nourishing and toning up action in depth improves the quality of your skin. Olive oil is a true alchemy of luxury!


COCONUT OIL The queen of vegetal oils, coconut oil is composed of 90% fatty acids, and contains vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Cold pressed, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties protect and nourish your skin and also helps against skin ageing. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, moisturized and deeply nourished.

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