Pariya Rosewater 110ml


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Passionately made from distilled rose petals. No preservatives or additives. Experience the exquisite fragrance of roses infused into your recipes.

How to Use:

  • Enhance your drinks and cocktails with this excellent addition! It will elevate your taste buds and bring a new level of enjoyment to your favorite drinks.
  • Elevate your dessert game with Pariya Rosewater! Enhance your strawberries by whisking in cream (and sugar) for a delectably sweet and refreshing treat.
  • Add a splash to fresh raspberries with a pinch  aof thymend sugar
  • Discover the incredible versatility of Pariya Rosewater - use it as a toner to refresh and balance your skin, or as a hydrating spray mist for dry climates. Experience the transformative power of this product for yourself!

Health benefits:

Enhance your skin's health and vitality with Pariya Rosewater! Rosewater can soothe irritations, reduces redness, and promotes healing for cuts, scars, and burns. Experience the anti-inflammatory benefits while also improving your mood and promoting a good night's rest. Trust Pariya Rosewater for glowing, healthy skin.
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