SŚAINT Cosmic Bang Eau De Parfum 10ml


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Australian Made + Paraben & Phthalate Free 

Testers are available instore if you want to find your soul scent

Like the arresting nostalgia of an ocean tide at midnight, it is lightning’s crack wrapped soulfully in silk, a complex fusion of mystery and equilibrium.

The androgynous scents of black tea, bay leaf, hay, bergamot and tobacco transport oneself to an ancient earth accentuated by the delicacies of musk, fig and cedar.

This Christmas, SŚAINT has the gift that never stops giving: their luxurious, unisex scents made with organic ingredients, free of animal cruelty and harmful chemicals. Perfect for your customers, their loved ones, and the planet!

Unisex fragrance with the below notes:

  • Fig, Bergamot, Bay Leaf
  • Musk, Vetiver, Cedarwood
  • Hay, Tobacco 





  • Bay Oil Botanical
  • Bergamot Oil Botanical
  • Cedarwood Oil Botanical
  • Olibanum Resinoid Botanical
  • Patchouli Oil Botanical
  • Vetiver Oil Botanical
  • Benzyl Benzoate - Constituent of Olibanum Resinoid
  • Citral - Constituent of Bergamot Oil
  • Citronellol - Skin safe synthetic
  • Eugenol - Constituent of Bay Oil
  • Geraniol - Constituent of Bergamot Oil
  • Limonene - Constituent of Bay Oil, Bergamot Oil & Olibanum Resinoid
  • Linalool - Constituent of Bay Oil & Bergamot Oil

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